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Raise Coffee

Cocoa - Fazenda Pantano, Brazil

SCREAM FOR IT - Drink this chocolatey coffee and find out that non-silence can be a great sign of respect.


Origin: Brazil - Cerrado Mineiro Region - Patos de Minas Municipality
Farm: Fazenda Pantano
Producer: Wagner Ferrero
Altitude: 1.200 meters
Varietal: Yellow Bourbon, Tupi RN Icatu, Yellow Catuaí
Process: Natural
Roast: Medium

This coffee has a good fragrance, in the caramelisation group there is an intense milk chocolate and some cereal notes, slightly sweet and with a medium body.

This coffee belongs to the Region of Cerrado Mineiro, known around the world for its high-quality coffees and for being the first denomination of Origin in Brazil. The farm is located in the municipality of Patos de Minas, which belongs to the state of Minas Gerais, at an altitude of 1,150 meters and covers a total area of 550 hectares.
This region is a synonym for excellence, essentially due to its moderate climate (22 ºC average temperature) and fertile soil.
The cup profile is amazing and exceeds by far the expectations of a Brazilian coffee. It isn´t a conventional coffee, most of its attributes stand out and we can find complexity in its aroma and flavour.

The Ferrero group is led by Wagner Ferrero, son of Versi Clivelenti Ferrero, family matriarch. Wagner was born in 1956 in Altinópolis, in the state of São Paulo, another Brazilian coffee producing state. Wagner is the grandson of Italian immigrants, who arrived in Brazil in 1912 to work in coffee farms.
He started working closer to coffee in 1982, when he quit his job as an engineer to help is father farming coffee in Mogiana. In order to diversify production and while searching for a perfect climate, the family arrived in Cerrado Mineiro in 1990, acquiring Fazenda Pantano in 1991.
In this farm there are 148 different varieties, from which Yellow Bourbon stands out. Ferrero is today one of the largest producers of Brazilian specialty coffees and employs the latest technology in the production of sustainable high-quality specialty coffees.
Additionally, it must not be forgotten the concerns towards the environment and the compliancy with a sustainable production programme put in place by this farm, which ensures the correct use of natural resources. Thanks to this, , the farm received a prize in the category of sustainable permanent crops in a national magazine called “Globo Rural”, additionally to both Rainforest Alliance and UTZ certifications.
Wagner is fastidious with waste and has plans in place to reduce the use of chemicals and water as much as possible in the upcoming years.