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Raise Coffee

Fruity - Kawo Kamina, Ethiopia

STEP INTO HEAVEN - Know that unlike the forbidden fruit, you will not get banished for picking this fruity coffee.


Origin: Ethiopia – SNNPR Region - Sheka Zone - Woreda de Masha
Farm: Kawo Kamina
Producer: Moplaco
Altitude: 2.100 meters
Varietal: Native Ethiopian
Process: Natural
Roast: Light

Complex coffee, litchi and sweet orange in the enzymatic notes and cane sugar in caramelized sugar. Medium-high acidity and creamy body, tasty in the mouth and good sweetness.


This coffee is grown on the first farm acquired by Moplaco, located in the village of Kawo and with over 150 hectares in the woreda of Masha, which is the Administrative centre of the zone of Sheka.
Situated at an altitude of about 2.100 meters and surrounded by dense vegetation that provides very valuable shade, it has the perfect conditions for high quality coffee production, which is carefully handpicked and before being spread over 45 African beds.

The company is led by Heleanna Georgalis since 2008 and was founded by her father. After spending a long period of time in different countries across Europe and due to her father’s death, she returned to Ethiopia, where she was born.
Heleanna is a remarkably enthusiastic woman, driven by a desire to perpetuate this heritage and achieve high levels of excellence.

It is important to note that the uniqueness of the Ethiopian coffee lies on the thousands of unexplored varieties and those that are known remain intact.
Ethiopia is the cradle of coffee and varieties are specific to each area. Scientists have recognized 37 varieties out of which 34 are natural. Many times, we can see that Ethiopian coffee is Heirloom varietal, meaning that it is “ancient root”, which does not define the variety itself, being just a generic way to identify Ethiopian coffee. Crop is named after the area in which it grows and where it has been growing for years, maintaining the characteristic flavour of that zone and a specific cup profile.