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About Us

This is that part of the website that you usually don’t even read, and if by any chance, you do stumble upon it while waiting for your next cup of coffee to brew, you kind of expect to read a sob-inducing, heart warming little story.

Maybe the story about how we found our purpose during a road trip to the Colombian jungle, where we met Manuel, the farmer that loves growing coffee beans more than life itself, and then we had an epiphany and realized Nirvana could only be achieved by creating an online coffee business.

All of this would have been obviously written while we were gently stroking our long beards to the sounds of obscure vinyl records played on our restored 1890’s gramophone we bought on a flea market in Camden Town (or something as hipster as this).

Well, good news, bad news.

Didn’t happen. But we do sell great coffee, though.