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Why us

If you’re reading this, chances are you like coffee and you have an internet connection.

Or you just logged in to the wi-fi network of the cat café where you’re enjoying that Mocha Double Latte Macchiato while petting little Misha on your lap. If that’s the case, just stop reading.

Seriously. This is not for you. Go to Starbucks. And brush your jacket on your way out, there’s cat fur all over that thing.

Now, if you’re still reading, you might have a very important question on your mind right now:

Of all the coffee brands on the internet, why should I get my next cups of Java from RAISE?

Let’s put it this way:

No bullshit.

You know what you want. You want coffee. Great coffee, by the way.

You know what you like.

  • You like your coffee like you like your nights: dark.
  • You like your coffee like you like your vacation: long.
  • You like your coffee like you like the Village People: fruity.
  • (Just pick what applies. Whatever rocks your boat. No judging.)

That’s all you need to know, and that’s all we need to know too. Simple, yet awesome. Like life should be.

Think of us like that really cool barista you know but never had the guts to ask out. If you want to talk coffee, we know our stuff. If you just want to check-in, grab that cup that perfectly matches your preferences, and check-out before you run to whatever you’re gonna do next, this is the place too.

No 65 options. No pretentious technical terms you need to google to understand. No PhD in Rubiaceae plants before you can order. You just want coffee.

But not just any coffee. You want great coffee.

You found it. The one. The Coffee.

Raise. The Coffee.